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Marketing Strategy


Our guest are our most important focus day in and day out. Who are they? Where are they from? Why do they vacation here? What are their big questions and concerns? How can we meet their needs and provide them with the best service to ensure the best trip possible each and every time? We call these questions our Guest Deep Dive! We don't just focus on gaining our guests for that visit, we want to retain our guests so they will want to visit your property each and every year!


Liverez Reservation System

Our website was designed by Liverez, leaders in Vacation Rental software. Designs are based on proven behavioral habits and hours of market research and data showing the best design that makes it easy to operate the system, to find out information and to book their stay.


Websites for your property

You have the option of having your property's own personal website. Having your own specific property website helps set yours apart from other properties and helps to market and advertise your specific property.


Extensive Web Exposure

Here are just a few of our website partners where your property is placed: VRBO,  Airbnb, etc


Retention / Guest Relations

Guest are contacted not only before check-in, but also the day of arrival to ensure their needs have been met and are encouraged to reach out with any needs or concerns during their stay. We have also partnered with other local companies that offer a variety of additional services that can help make their stay more enjoyable and more fun for everyone. You can check out some of these partnerships under our Guest Services tab. After checkout guest receive an optional survey which helps us with any needed improvements. We then systematically stay in touch with our guest throughout the rest of the year so they remember us and your property as they begin planning their next vacation.




Most companies will show how they can make you the most money with the least headache. A lot of times this means charging you to do some of the simple tasks like changing a lightbulb, taking quick inventory of your property, or even meeting repairmen at your property if bigger work is ever needed. What money you might save on the front end can easily disappear when all the seemingly simple tasks begin to add up month over month. Those are just a few examples on why going with a hands-on company that will answer your direct calls and doesn't charge you for the little things can end up saving you lots in the end. That's why we call this your (NET) ROI, because we not only look at the big returns, but also all the little costs that can cut into those returns and your bottom line. We not only want to make the most money possible, we also want you to keep as much of that money as possible. Here are some of the items we put special attention on to ensure you the biggest (NET) ROI possible.



  • Increase Revenue through our Marketing Strategy
  • Our Guest Deep Dive plan to retain guest year over year
  • Rates based on local market studies and updates
  • Cost control with owner input
  • Competitive Commissions
  • No charge for minor service calls
  • No upcharges for vender required repairs

Property and Owner Care




We are proud to partner with the best and most reliable cleaning companies in the area. The relationship with housekeeping is one of the most important relationships we can build to insure a clean comfortable stay for our guest.




Housekeeping and Management are empowered to make minimum repairs; example: light bulb replacement at no additional cost to the owner. All vender receipts are provided on monthly statements. No up charges.




We pride ourselves on always being on call not only for our guest, but for you, the owner as well. We’ve also found that over communication is always best and can cut out so much confusion and misunderstandings right from the beginning.


Please contact us today to obtain further information about our property management contracts, pricing of our property management services, and a list of satisfied owner testimonials.


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